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Online consumer and digital generations

The online consumer represents all social-economic classes and utilizes Internet more frequently than other media. They seek fun, relationship, and information, use search engines, takes part on social media and consumer articles, videos and information from social media as well, in particular, the ones generated or indicated by friends. The profile of such online consumer Read more about Online consumer and digital generations[…]

Digital revolution and the change of paradigm

Digital revolution on its own doesn’t explain everything that’s happening in today’s society and affects the consumer, their companies and, consequently at the marketing landscape. It is a fact that the Internet has evolved and provoked great changes, but precisely because it competed with other media, achieve the ‘status quo’ of communication mediums and advertising Read more about Digital revolution and the change of paradigm[…]

The born of Digital Revolution

In 1990, the scientist Tim Berners-Lee, from CERN, created the World Wide Web, spreading the Internet as a computer network, where information could be published by experts, companies, and researchers, and accessed by their clients. With its birth, the Internet has brought the business world a great novelty: the instant access to information about products Read more about The born of Digital Revolution[…]

Why should game developers worry about Blockchain and Ethereum technologies?

Many developers are talking about blockchain game development, so blockchain technology has started attracting the attention of game studios around the world. But before you start programming a smart contract, you may wonder why Blockchain and Ethereum are related to game development, and how you can seize this opportunity. That is why I decided to Read more about Why should game developers worry about Blockchain and Ethereum technologies?[…]