March 19, 2019

What is Digital Marketing?

The short answer is that Digital Marketing is the use of digital technologies to engage consumers to a brand promoting the awareness, consideration and buying decision in favor to the brand product.

What is Digital Marketing? The long answer.

The long answer is obviously more complicated, and start saying that online marketing, Internet marketing, web marketing, and even mobile marketing are the same as digital marketing. Just different ways to call the same thing. Said that all the other terms, like SEO, SEM, Facebook Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Google Marketing and the like, are tools of Digital Marketing.

So Digital Marketing is made of two main components. The first is Marketing. You can find many definitions at the Wikipedia, but marketing is basically the area that studies, or business process, focused on engage and satisfy the customers. You can extend this definition in many ways, more or less academic, but in the end, you use marketing to tell people you exist (awareness), that you are the best option (consideration), and finally convince them to buy from you (decision). In fact, the very first big mistake people do in Digital Marketing is to ignore or know nothing about marketing.

The second component is the Digital. This means the Internet, Mobile, Wearables, Smart TV, VR, Games, and all the digital technology a consumer may use. This is important to say because when we say “Digital”, we mean “All the digital technology devices and apps your consumer is using today”. So, before defining what social media to use, or if your brand needs a mobile app, you need to ask what your consumer use right now. Did your customer uses Facebook or maybe only Instagram? Did your customer needs your brand App, or prefer to use a mobile version of your website? Do you need an online store or your consumer wants to buy your products at Amazon, Booking or Etsy?

So a more extended definition for Digital Marketing is the use the Marketing tools and strategies, to engage consumers to a brand promoting the awareness, consideration and buying decision in favor of the brand product, applied to the Digital technologies your customers are using, in order to engage, serve and satisfy them at the online environment.

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