Always think about people, a network of people

This is the part 5/8 of the article Digital marketing and consumer rules

Every time you are planning an online action, forget computers and think about people. Think that they are there, they are real and not only clicks and visits to your website. Each click has a person holding a mouse, each visit has a pair of eyes watching the visited page.

This is important because the Internet brings the feeling that we are doing business with other computers. How many times have you sent an email expecting the person on the other side would answer immediately?
One time, someone called me 15 minutes after sending me an email asking: ‘So what? Have you read the email?’, as if the fact the email arrived in seconds meant that I should be there, standing in front of the computer, ready to answer everything and everyone instantly.

This happens with lots of Internet actions, with actions built to reach consumer’s computers and not their hearts and their minds, like once the message arrived the consumer’s computer or screen, everything was solved.

Online communication, marketing, and advertising must hit people’s hearts and minds, and not their computers. We are talking about people, not numbers. Don’t ever forget that.

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